Where Did the Stars Go?

We recently aquired an adorable little puppy named Max. The last few weeks, as I have taken him out, I couldn’t help but gaze at the star filled sky. And at times the moon seemed to stare right back at me. I could see the star patterns clearly, as I stood in awe of the Creator (Gen. 1:14-19).

Tonight is cold and rainy. I put on my heavy coat and reluctantly took Max out. The first thing I noticed was that the sky seemed to glow, even in the late night. I looked around and saw nothing but clouds…no stars, no moon.

But I know they are still there. And I suspect that the big moon is casting the frosty pink glow behind the clouds, much like a nightlight shines through sheer curtains.

How do I know, undoubtedly, that the moon and stars are still there, even when I cannot see them? Because I have witnessed multiple, consistent proof of their existence.

And their existence points to a Creator, God! How do I know God exists? Well, not only is the evidence most amazingly all around me, but I have personally experienced multiple, consistent proof through insight from the Bible, answered prayers, “peace that passes understanding”, and most importantly God’s saving grace that is changing my heart.

So next time a rainy day comes your way, and you look to the sky and see nothing but clouds, remember, the light of the sun, moon, and stars is still there.

And next time you look at your circumstances and find that your faith is clouded, remember, God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit is still there. He is faithful, and unlike us, he does not “faint or grow weary”.