Hang in There

                                                       Hang In There

“Hang in there”, is a phrase commonly spoken by a well meaning person to another person who is hurting in some way. Perhaps, like me, you have used this phrase.

I didn’t really think about the meaning of such a statement until it was spoken to me when I was hurting. If you are “hanging in there”, you must be holding on to something. The question is what? Are you depending on your bank account, or your status? Are you finding security in your friendship or family circle? Or perhaps your child’s sporting events drive you. Do you eat when you are lonely? Or do you find your stress relief sliding a credit card at the shopping mall? 

All of these things bring temporary fulfillment and perhaps a little happiness to distract us from our circumstances. But what if there is a real solution? …a foundation of peace that endures through EVERY trial.

In my moments of weakness, just when I feel that I cannot handle another minute of a given situation, I hold on to Jesus by reading his word and crying out to him for help. And when I am weak, he holds on to me. No matter how tightly you grip things, they can slip away. But Jesus has promised to never leave us or forsake us. He is faithful. 
So “hang in there”…with Jesus!