Bouquet of Weeds

Verse 1 Bouquet of Weeds

With her hand, just for me,

She has picked two or three

Of the loveliest flowers she’s seen.

Not of lavender blue,

Or a rose in full bloom,

But a sweet little bouquet of weeds.


How could I not help but smile

As she stood there a while,

Handing me all the finest of Spring?

Not a violet of blue

Or a lily or two,

But to her they’re the best offering.

Verse 2mrsannette7

Dearest God, just for you,

I wrote one, maybe two

Of the loveliest songs I can sing.

Not for angelic choirs

Or the biggest of stars,

But a sweet little heart’s melody

Chorus 2mrsannette5

How can you not help but smile

As I sing here a while

Lifting up my finest of praise?

Not a band’s jubilee

Or a grand symphony,

But to me it’s my best offering.mrsannette6

Bridge/ Ending

La dee da’s